Aero Club Valkaria

The social club that flies

"A social club that flies" is our motto. The purpose of our club is to provide well maintained aircraft to our club members, while providing a social aspect. Safety, proficiency, and fun are our club's goals.

1964 Cessna 172 - N3916S

A 1964 model, she has the manual flaps and the Continental O-300 six cylinder engine. If you have never flown behind this engine you will be impressed with the smoothness and sound. But what is very impressive is the 6 gallon per hour fuel consumption at 75% power (118 MPH). She was located in Southern California by Frank in 2005 and flown to Florida, where she has resided ever since.

The aircraft is equipped for Day/Night VFR flight and Basic IFR. It has a full gyro panel in a conventional T configuration, with a Garmin 495 hard mounted, a KX-175 with glide slope, a KX-170 with VOR head, a KT-76A transponder, a KMA-24 audio panel with marker beacons, and a four place intercom system. Useful load is 910 lbs.

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The most popoular airplane in General Aviation is the best way to describe the Cessna 182. It does everything well. Stable, easy handling, good load capacity with respectable cruise speeds the Cessna 182 is an airplane for all purposes.

Our C-182, N2426R, is a 1964 version with the popular Continental six cylinder O-470R engine developing 230 HP. It has a useful load of 1088#, a 65 gallon fuel capacity, and cruises in the 140 MPH range. With its stable flight characteristics it makes an excellent instrument platform and is used as our instrument trainer. N2426R has a Garmin 530W, S-TEC 30 autopilot, KX-155 secondary radio, a KN-64 DME and KT-76A transonder. With its beautiful leather interior it's ready to take those cross country trips that you have planned!

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The Cessna 195 transcends time. With its large radial engine, all metal tail wheel design it takes us back to the golden age of aviation.

Known as the "Businessliner" it was designed to take businessmen cross country, and that it does that very well. Produced between 1947 to 1954, 1200 were manufactured. 400 are flown today.

Engines included the Jacobs R755 of 245, 275, 300 and 330 HP. N1032D, our C-195, has the most popular of these engines, the 275 HP.

With its five place interior and 1100 pound useful load the C-195 cruises from 140-170 MPH. Its 80 gallon fuels tanks allow for over 5 hours of cruise flight.

With its large bench seat, cantilever wing, wrap around cockpit glass, folding entry step, roll down pilot window and cowl bumps the C-195 exudes class and elegance. It looks fast just sitting on the ramp!

N1032D has a full gyro panel with a Garmin 300 Com/GPS, KY-197 Com, RN-80 RNAV, KT-76A, and a four place intercom. With great handling characteristics and stability, the C-195 is a delightful cross country aircraft.

N1032D is available to club members to fly. Prior tailwheel experience is required.

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PA-23-180 N2150P

The Piper Apache is the classic twin engine aircraft. First produced in 1954 they started the light twin movement.

N2150P affectionately known as "snoopy" is in pristine condition and modified with some highly desired upgrades. The 150 HP engines have been replaced with 180 HP Lycoming's, changing the performance of the aircraft substantially. The rest of the the Geronimo modifications include the bigger square tail, squared off wing tips, installation of EGT gauges, and a substantial redesign of the instrument panel so as to make it an excellent IFR platform. 

Avionics include a recently installed Garmin GTN-650 with GDL-88 giving the aircraft ADS-B out capability, hence traffic advisories and in-flight weather. Narco MK-12 with glideslope,  DME,  ADF, KT-76A Transponder and four place intercom round out the avionics package.

"Snoopy" is a performer, with dual engine rate of climb of 2000 fpm and single engine rate of climb of 750 fpm.  Cruise speed from 150-172 MPH IAS are obtained with a low fuel burn. Four people sit very comfortably, and the useful load of 1200 pounds includes 200 pounds of baggage. An all-round great performer!

The aircraft is available for multi-engine pilots to rent, or for club members to obtain their multi-engine rating. Where else can you rent a twin while having so little multi-engine time other than with us!

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Safety Features

All our aircraft have the following safety features: 

  • Fire extinguisher
  • CO Detector
  • Transponder with Mode C
  • Garmin GPS with AirGizmo mounts
  • Intercom-hardwired
  • ELT's
  • Life vests
  • First aid kits
  • Windshield cleaning supplies
  • Checklists
  • GATS fuel tester jars
  • Step ladder
  • Chocks
  • Survival back pack availalbe for cross country trips
  • CLAW tiedown kits available for cross country trips
  • Covers and engine plugs